20th Alpine Glaciology Meeting AGM 2016 Munich,  25/26 February 2016 Date
Schwan in Nymphenburg  (Foto: Markus Weber)
Call of contributions
The   20th   Alpine   Glaciology   Meeting   will   be   held   again   in   Munich,   an   annual   event   that   has   found wide   acceptance   both   among   older   “experienced”   scientists   and   younger   “enthusiastic”   students from   various   disciplines   related   to   glaciology.   Research   plans,   work   in   progress   and   preliminary   or final   results   are   presented   and   discussed   in   an   informal   stetting,   and   all   of   this   in   English,   a   foreign language   to   most   of   us. As   we   share   this   same   handicap,   we   also   come   to   each   other’s   aid,   if   need be, to explain the latest advancements in research, while enjoying one another’s achievements. Contributions (oral and posters) are welcome, please register and submit the abstract by email to
Information   about   hotels   and   hostels   are   given   below.   Please   book   your   accommodation   early, because Munich is a very busy city. Our   sincere   gratitude   goes   to   the   Carl   Friedrich   von   Siemens   Stiftung    who   graciously   host   our meeting   in   their   wonderful   house   near   the   Nymphenburg   Castle.   We   trust   that   this   year’s AGM   will be a memorable one – we hope to see you in Munich soon!
Building Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung  (Foto: L. Braun) Nymphenburger Kanal nach E  (Foto: Markus Weber)
Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung Südliches Schlossrondell 23, D-80638 München
Schloss Nymphenburg                    Nymphenburg Castle      Foto: Markus Weber
Lodging, Accommodation
Here is a selection of medium priced hotels and cheaper hostels in the city centre: Leonardo Hotel & Residenz, Heimgartenstraße 14 81539 München ( +49 89 60 20 39 0, www.leonardo-hotels.de/deutschland-hotels/hotel-munchen/hotel-residence-munchen Hotel Adria, Liebigstr. 8a 80538 München ( +49 89 24 21 17 0, www.adria-muenchen.de/hotel-muenchen-lehel.html    Hotel Carlton Astoria, Fürstenstr. 12 80333 München ( +49 89 38 39 63, www.carlton-astoria.de Hotel Domus, St.-Anna-Str. 31 80538 München ( +49 89 21 77 7 30, www.domus-hotel.de/     Hotel Prinz, Hochstr. 45 81541 München ( +49 89 44 14 08 0, www.hotel-prinz.de/ Hostels:   Meininger Hotel City Center, Landsberger Straße 20  80339 München ( +49 89 54998023, www.meininger-hotels.com/de/hotels/muenchen/ HI Hostel München (Jugendherberge), Wendl-Dietrich Str. 20 80634 München ( +49 89 202 444 90, www.hihostels.com/de/hostels/munchen-city
Schloss Nymphenburg  Foto: Markus Weber
For the organizing committee: Ludwig Braun,  Commission for Geodesy and Glaciology,  Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Munich, Germany
Waldkauz Kasimir an der Badenburg   Foto: Markus Weber Graugans im Schlosspark          Foto: Markus Weber Schloss Nymphenburg von W     Foto: Markus Weber Gänseküken                           Foto: Markus Weber Blässhuhnküken                        Foto: Markus Weber Königlicher Hirschgarten       Foto: Ludwig Braun       Haus Siemens-Stiftung                   Foto: Ludwig Braun Nonnengänse im Schlosspark    Foto: Markus Weber Graugans im Flug           Foto: Markus Weber
Date 06. March 2016